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Flight Planning Tools

Miscellaneous Chart Links

Free access to charts for many countries. Requires login with VATSIM account. Update
Sectionals/VFR charts/IFR enroute charts high and low/TAC/WAC. Has a great flight planner. For USA also links to airport charts. Very useful site. Update

AIRnav is a great site with every chart you can imagine including fine details about any US airport! USA Only. Update

Airplane Charts iPhone/iPad Apps
Airplane Charts from Sectional, Helicopter, WAC, and TAC charts Update

Do an extended search in the File Library and type in Matt Fox as the desired author, and "sectional" as the description. This will bring up a multitude of Hi res sectionals and Terminal Area Charts. A MUST HAVE for VFR Flyers! Update

DAFIF site
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency DAFIF Flight data site. Info and services for national, military and civil aircrews. A mine of information! Update

European AIS Database
This is the European AIS Database website. Lots of charts, but you'll need to register (free) Update

FS Another worldwide chart site. Requires registraion. Update
My is a great resource for VFR sectionals, TAC's, IAPS, SID, STAR, and Airport diagrams. USA Only. Update A useful site with a zoomable map to show US charts selectable by airfield. Update

US Aeronautical Information Services
US Government site with VFR and IFR charts etc Update

Flight Plan Construction

Dispatching system giving you a complete flight plans - featuring detailed fuel planning, weather forecasts, current NOTAMs, ETOPS calculations, and much more. Update
This is an amazing site. Submit dep/arr airports and this site returns the last actual real world routings. US based but will provide international flights to and from the US also. Update

Weather info at airports - with METAR, TAF, trends and historical graphs, timezone (incl sunrise/sunset for finding the golden hour!) Update

Creating FMC routes
How to find real world routes and plates Update

Density Altitude Calculator Update is an excellent resource actually used for real world flight planning, however is available for us simmers as well. You have to register (don't worry it's free) but it's well worth it! This is the best site to find USA Government Preferred routing. Update

Another highly recommended payware flight planning utility Update

FS Navigator
Free tool for flight planning with many features. Update

GoodWay Flight Planner
Freeware flight planner software for X-Plane, FMS exporter for X-Plane. Shareware version also available with extra features. Update

NOAA's National Weather Service
METARs and TAFs worldwide Update

Real World Flightplan Database
Database with more than 65,000 flightplans contributed by other users. Free, but requires registration. Update

Route Finder
Route Finder is a simple user interface to generate flight plans around the world (not entered and verified by any human as I understand it) Update

United Kingdom Standard Route Document
An absolute must to ensure your UK flights route 100% correctly either within UK airspace or to/from UK entry/exit points Update

VATSIM Brazil flight plan centre
ICAO based, this system will show all real airlines RPL - Repetitive Flight Plans Update

VATSIM Who's Online
See which ATC controllers are online. Update
Great online flying tool for flight planning etc. Update

Other Flight Planning

Eurocontrol's Central Flow Management Unit
Real world flight plan verification. Use the links in the Flight Planning section to enter a flight plan with/to/from Europe and to see if it would be accepted in the real world. Update

Database of mainly lat/lon of airports and navaids (incl waypoints) - and some charts as well Update

World Aeronautical Database
Database of airports and navaids and their details (not waypoints though) Update

Understanding Aviation Charts

Aviation Abbreviations
A very useful index to abbreviations used in aviation terminology. Update

Chart symbol identification
Index and guides to reading and understanding US charts Update

Flight Simulator Navigation
Lessons in navigation including the use of NDB and VOR, as well as ILS approaches. Update

Oceanic Flights and Planning

Oceanic Procedures
VATSIM-UK's Oceanic section. Info and tips on oceanic flying, tracks, pilot procedures, SS Concorde routes and more. Update

Current NAT tracks
Real world NAT tracks that are updated daily. Update

Current NAT tracks
Current tracks across North Atlantic Ocean, parsed for easy reading, incl link to map of tracks Update

Current Pacific tracks
Current tracks across Pacific Ocean, issued by Oakland FIR Update

Oceanic procedures
Oceanic guide/procedures made by Virtual Norwegian Update

Pacific Oceanic Procedures Tutorial
Pacific Ocean Crossing Routes and Information (Oakland Oceanic FIR) Update

Other Flight Simulator Links
Listen to live ATC (Air Traffic Control) Communications Update

VATSIM statistics - Flight tracking history and ATC history/bookings for VATSIM Update

ATC demonstration video
Demonstration of being a controller on VATSIM Update
Convert between hectopascal (hPa) and inches of mercury (inHg) - (baro altimeter, QNH) Update

Flight demonstration video - from cold & dark to take-off
Demonstration starting up an Airbus 320 from complete power off, through checklists, pushback, and take-off Update

Introduction to VATSIM
Introduction of the online flying network VATSIM, by Angle of Attack from the series AviatorPro Update

World map of online VATIM pilots and ATC controllers Update

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